“While other people of my age were chasing after white balls on greens, I was reading up on immunotherapy.”

— Mr. Philip Yeo

(from Neither Civil Nor Servant: The Philip Yeo Story)

A maverick known for constantly pushing the envelope, Philip Yeo is credited as one of the key forces behind Singapore’s rise to the top—from the country’s success in fields like biomedical science to the strategic development of local talent.

His work continues through the Philip Yeo Initiative (PYI), a ground-up movement hosted by the National University of Singapore (NUS). PYI was established in 2013 by his protégés with the goal of inspiring new generations through his unique brand of leadership, fondly known as:


Make a Difference, Change Our World

Not only does the MAD COW philosophy emphasise the importance of thinking outside the box, it also highlights the transformative power of innovation.

Today, we see MAD COW embodied by the passionate fellows, associates and mentors in PYI’s growing community of changemakers.

Our Vision

A thriving community making a difference for a better world

Our Mission

The Philip Yeo Initiative (PYI) accelerates change by empowering young leaders and enabling their pursuit of bold, impact-centred initiatives in Singapore and beyond.

Our Values

Dare to Dream, Dare to Do

Inspire leaders to rise to the challenges of a rapidly evolving society

Be Hungry, Be Curious

Foster personal and professional development through lifelong learning

Pay It Forward

Invest in future generations of changemakers

Get involved

To start a revolution, all it takes is one driven individual. We always welcome into our fold individuals who strive for positive societal impact. There are several ways for you to get involved:

Jump-start your ambition

If you are hungry for change, apply to our programmes. We support deserving individuals in realising their potential.

Explore our programmes

Invest in the future

We are open to donations, and your valuable contributions will help us in our mission to empower young leaders.

Make a contribution

Be a role model

Join us in our effort to make a meaningful difference as a mentor guiding our fellows or an ambassador representing us in the public sphere.

Share your expertise

Reach out to us

Leave us with your details if you want to collaborate, provide feedback, or stay up-to-date on our work.

Drop us a line

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